Rentals and Production

JR Lighting Design, Inc. rents lighting and special-effects equipment to productions of all sizes. Call or email us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to provide a solution that meets your needs, and your budget!

  • IMG_2570

    LED fixtures

    -Elation Six Par 100
    -Elation Six Bar 1000
    -Elation EPAR Tri
    -Elation Protron 3K Strobe
    -Elation CUEPIX WW4 LED Blinder
    -Chauvet ColorDash Batten Quad 6

  • macviperprofile

    Automated Lighting

    -Martin Mac Viper Profile
    -Martin Mac Axiom Hybrid
    -Martin Mac Quantum Profile
    -Martin Mac Aura
    -Elation Platinum Beam 5R
    -Elation ACL 360 Bar
    -Chauvet Rogue RH1
    -Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash
    -GLP Volkslicht

  • csm_MA_grandMA2_light_120112_4_0f54e75434

    Control Solutions

    -GrandMA2 Light
    -High End Systems Full Boar 4
    -High End Systems RoadHog 4
    -High End Systems Hoglet 4
    -ChamSys MagicQ MQ 80

  • 16

    Fog and haze Equipment

    -Ultratec Radance Hazer Touring System
    -Look Solutions Viper NT
    -Rosco Vapour Plus
    -Antari Z-1500II
    -Antari HZ350
    -Antari Z350
    -Chauvet Vesuvio RGBA

  • IMG_1785

    Power and Data Distribution

    -Indu-Electric 24 way 208V/120V Distro
    -LEX Products 24 way 208V/120V Distro
    -LEX Products 48 way 208V/120V Distro
    -Swisson Opto Splitter
    -Elation Branch 4 Opto Splitter
    -Elation eNode 8 Pro

  • IMG_1784

    Power and Data Cable

    TourFlex / Lex
    -3 Pin Data
    -5 Pin Data

  • IMG_7865

    Truss and Infrastructure

    -Tyler Truss
    12x12x8' (Coming Soon!)
    12x12 5 Way Corner Block
    36"x36" Heavy Duty Bases

    -Tyler Truss GT (Coming Soon!)

    -GLP Truss
    24"x24" Base Plates
    U-Torm 50
    U-Torm 100
    24"x48" Rolling Touring Carts
    12"x12" Top Plates

    25 Lbs Sandbags

  • CM 1 Ton 2


    -CM Classic 1 Ton Model L (60' & 75' Lifts / C7 Connector / 16FPM)
    -Motion Labs 8 Way Motor Controller

    Rigging Hardware
    -5' 3/8" Wire Rope
    -10' 3/8" Wire Rope
    -4' GacFlex
    -CM Screwlok Beam Clamps

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    Used Equipment For Sale