JR Lighting Design, Inc. is an Authorized Dealer for all of the major brands of entertainment and architectural lighting, video, and special effects equipment listed below.

Looking to purchase lighting, video, or special effects equipment? We’ve got you covered. With a vast array of manufacturers to choose from and direct, first hand knowledge, our sales associates will guide you through your purchase. It is very important to purchase from an authorized dealer to protect your investment and we take pride in our extensive line card. Call us today at 708.460.6319 or email us at info@JRLightingDesign.com to discuss your requirements. We look forward to speaking with you! To see a list of our used equipment for sale click here!

  • Altman Lighting Dealer

    Altman Lighting

    Altman is a leader in the entertainment and architectural lighting industry. A family-owned company for over 60 years; we are proud to have been named "Altman Partner Dealers".

  • Martin Professional Dealer

    Martin Professional

    Martin Professional's vast product range is unparalleled and their commitment to innovation keeps them on the cutting edge of lighting technology. From automated lighting to controls and architectural, they are a true industry powerhouse.

  • City Theatrical

    City Theatrical invents, manufactures, and customizes unique lighting accessories for entertainment and architecture.

  • High End Systems

    High End Systems is a leader in the entertainment lighting and control markets. Now with an eye toward high intensity LED products and unique control solutions, they offer great solutions to the entertainment industry.

  • Rosco Laboratories

    For over 100 years Rosco has been the clear leader in entertainment expendable products, lighting accessories, motion effects and many other products like flooring. In more recent times they have ventured into the architectural and entertainment lighting markets and of course their fog products are an industry standard since 1984.

  • GAM Products

    GAM (a division of Rosco) is an industry leader for gobos, patterns, color gel, color filters, torches, and professional lighting equipment.

  • Ultratec Special Effects Inc.

    Ultratec Special Effects Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of special effects equipment including fog, haze, bubbles, snow, dry ice, simulated flames, pyrotechnic controllers and indoor pyrotechnic effects.

  • Barco Dealer


    Barco's product line includes projectors, accessories such as scalers and switchers and they are very well respected for their innovation and reliability.

  • Christie Digital Dealer

    Christie Digital

    Christie produces fantastic projectors, rear projection cubes, accessories, and a host of other digital video projects across a wide range of price points.

  • Clay Paky

    Clay Paky, the Italian manufacturer of high performance entertainment lighting products has a large range of products to suit almost every automated lighting need.

  • Elation Professional

    Elation Professional offers professional, high-performance automated and static lighting equipment, video solutions, atmospheric equipment,and controls with an eye towards cost effectiveness.

  • Canto USA

    Canto USA offers over 40 luminaries; this range includes a choice of plano and pebble convex luminaries, fresnel, TH and discharge profiles, floods and followspots, Canto USA can provide a cost-effective solution for every theatrical and architectural lighting requirement.

  • RLED

    Designed to retrofit into existing fixtures directly, The Retro is a 0-100% phase dimmable. 42 Watts LED 2700K-5000K 80-90CRI engine. Designed for SCR, TRIAC, or IGBT dimmers. This light engine is a direct replacement of existing incandescent lamps in a wide range of applications.

  • Philips Selecon

    Selecon has a range of conventional fixtures and accessories including LED products.

  • Philips Strand

    With Strand's vast line of lighting products and controls, an Industry stalwart lives on under the Philips lighting portfolio.

  • Philips Showline

    Showline offers creative and unique LED solutions for the entertainment industry.

  • Chauvet Professional

    Manufacturer of professional lighting fixtures and special effects for the entertainment and architectural lighting markets.

  • Chauvet DJ

    It’s more than lighting! CHAUVET DJ brings exciting and unique fixtures to inspire your life. Experience a world of effects and color where possibilities are endless.

  • Robe Lighting

    A vertically integrated company, Robe Lighting based in the Czech Republic produces high quality entertainment lighting products that are gaining major traction in the US.

  • GrandMA

    The current industry leader in lighting control consoles for entertainment applications.

  • MDG Fog Generators

    MDG produces some of the finest atmospheric generators on the market revered the world over and used on some of the highest profile events of today.

  • LEX Products

    LEX Products is an industry "household name" for power and data distribution products.

  • CITC

    Crawford International Theatrical Corporation produces a host of unique special effects products including a series of snow machines that are unparalleled.

  • GLP German Light Products

    GLP produces an complete range of LED-based automated lighting equipment including the ever popular X4 range of moving head wash luminaires.

  • ACT Lighting

    ACT Lighting's product portfolio includes MA Lighting, Clay Paky, MDG, Wireless Solutions, ReelEFX, and Tourflex entertainment cabling.

  • Acclaim Lighting

    An incredible amount of architectural products and controls with unique feature sets and rugged designs.

  • ADJ

    Now in their 29th year, ADJ's product line of LED fixtures, cost effective automated lighting, and even video products serves to fill a major market segment with high quality cost-efficient products.

  • Global Truss Dealer

    Global Truss

    A range of cost-effective, rugged trussing and rigging/clamp products.

  • Cosmic Truss

    GLP's truss division has an excellent series of products coupled with great customer service.

  • Tyler Truss Dealer

    Tyler Truss

    A true industry leader in the production trussing and rigging markets.

  • Blizzard Lighting

    Blizzard offers unique, cost effective LED lighting products for the entertainment and event markets.

  • Leprecon

    Another industry "house-hold name" Leprecon's control and dimming solutions are synonymous with quality, dependability, and ruggedness.

  • Chroma-Q

    A manufacturer of fine, high performance LED entertainment and architectural lighting products.

  • Jands

    Jands: The Australian manufacturer and developer of unique lighting control solutions

  • Dough Fleenor Design

    The DMX experts.

  • RC4 Wireless

    RC4 Wireless provides wireless lighting and motion technology for theatre, film, and television. RC4 has been inside awe-inspiring entertainment for over 20 years.

  • Ayrton

    Ayrton produces high performance, unique LED automated lighting products highly sought-after in the production touring market.

  • Interactive Technologies

    Incredibly solid architectural control products with unique configuration options.

  • Avolites

    The renowned British manufacturer and developer of popular lighting control solutions.

  • Elektralite

    Cost effective, smart lighting solutions (including unique LED products).

  • TMB

    Fixtures, Power Distribution, Data products; it's hard to find something TMB doesn't supply.

  • Antari

    High Performance fog and haze products at excellent prices.

  • Swisson

    The Swiss manufacturer of highly engineered data and control distribution / diagnostic products for the lighting industry.

  • TourPro Lighting Solutions

    A new line of LED and automated lighting products brought to you by SHS Global.

  • Gator Cases

    A line of pre-made, rugged, universal case products in both plastic and traditional ATA style.

  • LOOK Solutions

    High performance fog and haze machines and accessories made in Germany.

  • Clear-Com

    The absolute world leader in production intercom and communication products.

  • Extreme Structures

    Trussing, motors, rigging supplies for the professional entertainment industry.

  • The Light Source

    Manufacturer of theatrical and television lighting equipment

  • Shure

    The most trusted audio brand worldwide. Legendary microphones. Cutting-edge wireless systems.

  • DPA

    High quality condenser microphones for studio, broadcast, theatre, video/film, and sound reinforcement environments.


    Professional audio mixing consoles for live, studio, broadcast, & installation.

  • AV Stumpfl

    Award-Winning Screen Design & Service.

  • PRG RH+A

    PRG Retail, Hospitality, and Architectural (RH+A) offers a host of unique lighting products including the popular UV Bullet and Renew LED Retrofit Fixtures.

  • Mega Systems Inc.

    Mega Systems represents high-quality lighting, video, and audio products for the professional production and install industries.

  • Stagemaker

    Stagemaker is quickly becoming the industry leader in rigging hoists and accessories with their unique "designed for production" products.

  • Rip-Tie

    Rip-Tie cable wraps and ties have become a standard in reusable cable management and organization.