Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts

Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts

In 2012 JR Lighting Design, Inc. helped the Blooming Center for the Performing Arts transition from a conventional power-hungry tungsten top-light system to a completely automated, multifunction LED system.

Technical Director Rodney Stickrod saw the GLP German Light Products fixtures at LDI and then we scheduled a demo at the venue. Following the demo, Rodney specified a mixture of (15) GLP Volkslicht Zoom fixtures and (5) GLP Spot One fixtures for the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts. The Volkslicht Zoom uses 60 Luxeon Rebel RGB LEDs for a total of 180W of power consumption and the Spot One is a fully-featured 400W LED RGB spot fixture.

Rodney states, "I knew the power of the LED fixtures was getting close to being truly usable in a theatre application but I was not convinced until I saw the GLP fixtures in our own space. “The Spot Ones we use more as a traditional moving fixture with all the flash we can get. But with the ability to soften the focus and change the beam angle it is a wonderful fixture for a special in a nice moment in a production.”

The Volkslicht fixtures are primarily used for traditional theatrical top and backlight while maintaining the ability to zoom tightly to cover any needed theatrical specials and also for live music and rock & roll events. The Spot One fixtures are used for theatrical specials and textures as well as mid-air beam effects.

Later in the year we supplied (13) Altman Spectra Cyc 200 LED Cyclorama fixtures which replaced several high-wattage tungsten cyc fixtures and offered increased color-output and intensity as well as energy-savings in the thousands of watts.