Chicago First Church of the Nazarene

Chicago First Church of the Nazarene

A complete overhaul of Chicago First Church of the Nazarene’s main sanctuary in Lemont, Illinois encompassing Lighting, Audio, and Video solutions.

Chicago First Church of the Nazarene tapped JR Lighting Design, Inc. to provide a comprehensive sanctuary technical renovation to complement the physical renovation of the space in late 2014. The project was challenging due to the existing, finished glue-lam beam construction and “rotunda-esque” design of the room.

We provided a motorized truss “trapezoid” that was capable of supporting thousands of pounds of weight that made a minimal impact on the existing infrasturcture of the roof and ceiling structure.

JR Lighting Design, Inc. is an excellent partner in the lighting industry. Whether working on a small or large-scale project, prompt communication and great customer service are key qualities evident in everything they do.

Jeff Emmons | Technical Director

Chicago First Church of the Nazarene

On the lighting front, we installed a large automated lighting package consisting of Martin Professional Mac Viper Profile, Mac Viper AirFX, Mac Aura, Robe LEDWash 300, Altman Spectra Cyc 100 and Spectra Cyc 50 luminaires controlled by a High End Systems Road Hog 4 with a brand new sACN data-distribution system from Pathway Connectivity. Power switching was achieved with ETC SmartSwitch panels. Atmospheric effects are provided by the new JEM Ready 365 water-based haze unit which uses CO2 gas and heat to produce fine haze particulate.

The new energy-efficient house-lighting system is made up of a mix of Altman Chalice 100 Watt and 50 Watt fixtures on custom-modified stems that interface directly with the existing ETC Unison Dimming System and offer increased light output with a power-savings of several thousand watts and decreased HVAC heat-loading on the room.

The Environmental Projection system consists of (4) High End System DLV Digital Automated Lights capable of “collaging” and edge-blending video projections onto the set or anywhere in the room and is controlled directly from the lighting console.

The brand new DSP audio system utilizes a Yamaha CL5 console on the front end with Lab Gruppen amplifiers and Electrovoice speakers (including a new center cluster and associated rigging).

A 6G SDI broadcast video system was installed that is 4K enabled for future expansion and Panasonic DLP projectors provide video content for IMAG.