McMahon Auditorium – Lawton, Oklahoma

McMahon Auditorium – Lawton, Oklahoma


McMahon Auditorium in Lawton, Oklahoma recently decided to upgrade their house lighting system to a brand new state-of-the-art LED based one from Altman Lighting. Scott Hofmann of Sounds Impossible/TET, Inc. was acting lighting consultant on the project. Jason Reberski of Authorized Altman Partner Dealer JR Lighting Design, Inc. in Orland Park, Illinois provided additional consultation and JR Lighting Design, Inc. supplied all of the physical equipment.

The existing lighting setup over the house was lacking both in illumination quality and efficiency. The tungsten halogen flood lamps in recessed housings failed to provide adequate and even illumination and also generated a significant heat load on the building, while requiring constant maintenance.


On behalf of the staff of MMA…the installation of the LED House Lights has made a remarkable difference to our facility! We have seen overall improvements in quality of lighting ensuring the safety of our patrons as well as providing greater visibility for reading event programs. Work light stations have been greatly enhanced providing for nine programmable scenes. We are anticipating an increase in energy efficiency and therefore a substantial reduction in energy cost over time as well as increased service life for the LED lights versus the previous incandescent lights.

Billie A. Whipp, Administrator Arts & Humanities Division

City of Lawton

Following a recommendation from JR Lighting Design, Inc., Scott arranged a demonstration of an Altman Chalice 100W fixture and the venue staff were completely surprised at its light output and quality of illumination. The decision was made to move forward with the project. “Scott developed a very unique method of mounting and finishing the pendant version of the Altman Chalice in the cramped ceiling of McMahon Auditorium including having custom trim rings fabricated and designing a new power and control system for the new house lighting” Notes Jason Reberski, President of JR Lighting Design, Inc. “It really looks incredible.”

Scott Hofmann of Sounds Impossible/TET, Inc says of the Altman fixtures, “The 3000K DMX-controlled Chalice demonstration fixture looked great when we tried it in place. An illumination study confirmed the choice of lenses and that using the existing ceiling locations was workable. The footcandles went from a very spotty 6 (and in some cases almost nothing) to a very even 22 without spilling on the walls. The Chalice was customized for the installation and delivered on a short time line. A
modified 12” speaker grille was used for the trim ring…”

The overall installation not only decreased power consumption but drastically improved light output and coverage thanks to Altman’s unique snap-in holographic diffuser lenses. (41) total Altman Chalice 100W fixtures were installed with various lensing options to maximize lighting evenness (including asymmetric glass par lenses to minimize light spill on the auditorium walls).