Parkview Christian Church

Parkview Christian Church

We have an excellent history with Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park, IL.

In addition to providing continued sales and integration / installation support to Parkview Christian Church, our PTS (Production Technology Systems) division provides complete lighting design, programming, operation, and lighting direction for holidays such as Christmas and Easter as well as a general long-term rental of a base automated lighting package.

In 2014 we upgraded the main broadcast keylight system to 100% LED. A total of (12) Elation TVL F1WW Fresnels and (5) Martin Mac 101 WRM fixtures provide all necessary keylight at a fraction of the power consumption of the previous tungsten system. We also installed Elation SixPAR 100 fixtures to replace the aging Wybron Nexera fixtures. These initial upgrades save Parkview Christian Church incredible amounts of power while offering enhanced creative flexibility.

When holiday services are not in production, we provide a long-term rental base package of Martin Mac Quantum Profiles, GLP Volkslicht LED fixtures, and a Martin M2GO console that are layered on top of the installed base systems.

Parkview’s community outreach is incredibly vast and their commitment to new lighting technology and environmental stewardship is something that we are proud to be a part of.