All Time Low US Tour 2017

All Time Low US Tour 2017

JR Lighting was called upon to provide full touring lighting and video support for All Time Low’s 2017 Summer Tour. Having worked extensively with All Time Low Lighting Designer Jeff Maker, JR Lighting engineered, prepped, and also provided touring technical support for this larger scale summer tour.

"JR Lighting played a huge role in getting all the gear needed at an unbeatable cost, Maker says. “This is the third tour I've done with them with two different artists and they were amazing,” he said, concluding, “They are a great team to work with and I definitely would love to work with them again in the future.”

- Jeff Maker, LD

The lighting rig, designed by Maker consisted of:

Martin Mac Quantum Profiles
Martin Mac Aura Washes
Elation SixBAR 1000s
Elation Protron 3K Strobes
4-Mil High Resolution Video Tiles
Avolites Saphire Touch Control Consoles